Best Steering Wheel Cover Reviews

Most of the drivers think the use of a steering wheel cover is purely for fancy looks and improving the aesthetic appearance of the interiors of the vehicle. But sadly, it is not true. There are 3 major advantages in choosing a good quality steering wheel cover.

Reduces wear and tear

If you drive around a lot, then you might have noticed that the grip on the wheel wears over a period of time. Proper grip on the wheel is a must and it helps you drive safe especially when you have an emergency like a flat tire.

Comfortable Drive

In extreme temperatures like, summers and winters, a steering wheel cover helps you have a comfortable drive. Imagine driving in snow with a heated steering wheel cover, it would absolutely make your drive comfortable and tension free.

Reduces Fatigue

Experienced drivers will always vouch for the fact that steering wheel covers reduces their fatigue on long drives. These ergonomically designed wheel covers will absorb vibrations from bumpy roads and reduces your fatigue and lets you have a comfortable and enjoyable drive.

Having discussed the various benefits of wheel covers, this website will be your ultimate guide in choosing the best steering wheel cover for your need. We have categorized various wheel covers for your specific requirements and taste. You can go to the individual page for in depth review of products.

So here are the major types of wheel covers.

Leather Steering Wheel Covers

leather steering wheel coverLeather steering wheel covers are always associated with luxury and you might often find them in premium segment cars. Leather wheel covers offer good grip and since it is a natural product, it is all weather friendly.

These wheel covers are also soft on your hands and can significantly improve the overall grandness of your car’s interiors.

Genuine leather steering wheel covers are costly, but is worth your money for the soft and firm grip and the rich texture.

Heated Steering Wheel Covers

heated steering wheel coverHeated steering wheel covers are only useful for winters. If you live in a place with extreme cold temperatures, then it is advised to get one.

Having a warm wheel cover when driving in cold temperatures is quite comfortable and can also help your reduce the fatigue in long drives. Most of these heated wheel covers comes with cords for recharging the batteries.

Make sure to buy from a reputable brand to ensure that the heated wheel cover is a lasting one.

Pink Steering Wheel Covers

pink steering wheel coverPink steering wheel covers mainly the taste of girls. These colored wheel wraps give an identity of the driver and are quite popular among teens and college going girls.

Pink wheel covers are quite cute and they stand out from the crowd. In these colors you can further choose different textures like silicone, fuzzy, yarn etc.

These colored wheel covers are quite cheap and you can find them below $15.

Cute Steering Wheel Covers

Cute Steering Wheel CoversCute steering wheel covers are for people who are looking for a different design than the mundane wheel covers that we have in market.

Cute wheel covers comes with latest prints and designs that are primarily feminine. You can also find abstract prints and animal print steering wheel covers in this category.

Mostly women buy from these category of wheel covers. There is a vast range of collection in cute wheel covers and in various colors and styles.

Girly Steering Wheel Covers

Girly Steering Wheel CoversAs the name says, girly steering wheel covers are for those teen girls to decorate their wheel covers. Most of these wheel covers are in pink, purple or such feminine colors.

They also has bows, laces and other decorative material. Most of the expensive ones comes with small dolls and such figures attached to the wheel cover.

Most of the buyers of this category are teen girls.

Wood Grain Steering Wheel Covers

wood grain steering wheel coverWood grain steering wheel covers are an all-time favorite. These classy wheel covers brings about a touch of richness and class to your car interior.

Wood grain wheel covers are most suited for Sedans and this wheel cover gives a look of premium segment interior to your otherwise normal car.

Leather wheel covers with wood grains are the top most choice of most of the customers.


Black Steering Wheel Covers

black steering wheel coverBlack steering wheel covers are suited for both cars and trucks. Black is a popular color when choosing wheel covers.

It is like a standard color, so when in doubt you can choose this color. In black wheel covers and wraps you can go for either leather or silicone covers.

Leather is the best choice in black steering wheel covers. It will be long lasting and will give a good and soft grip.