SEG Direct Pink & Black Car Steering Wheel Cover Review

Product Name:SEG Direct Pink & Black Car Steering Wheel Cover
Brand:SEG Direct
Color:Pink & Black
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If you want a simple, cheap two tone pink steering wheel cover for your car, then you should buy this product. Its priced below $15 and has two colors – Pink and black. This steering wheel cover from SEG Direct is a cool looking and minimal wheel cover with a vibrant tone to it.


SEG Direct is a popular brand that makes some of the best selling steering wheel covers in the market. There are four more color variants to this product and they are all colorful and stylish. This is a universal wheel cover with a diameter of 15 inches.


The product is made from a soft and very smooth soft plush. Because of the plush material, it is quite soft on your hands and also its durable. It is also resistant to cold climate and also skid proof.


Here are some of the actual pictures after installation on the steering wheel.


SEG Direct Pink Car Steering Wheel Cover real pics


SEG Direct Pink Car Steering Wheel Cover installation instructions


In short, this is one of the best selling plush steering wheel cover. Even though its not a fully pink in color, this two tone looks stylish and cute. At such a cheap price, this is a very good buy.


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